About Us

Our Team

Nigel Dalton-Brown

MD and Founder

20 years senior sales and marketing management experience in corporates and start-ups. Founded Strytex to simplify GRC for large and small business.

Sally Brown


Over 20 years’ experience in tertiary academic administration. Skilled in HR, Operations and “getting things done”.

Todd Johnsen


A 25-year industry veteran in the property sector with a track record for innovation, disruption and business growth

Jane Poletti


Extensive senior management experience working in high-growth and start-up organisations undergoing significant transformation.

Anthony Salerno


Founding partner of eTech IT consultancy and Director and patent holder. Has delivered leading solutions for enterprise efficiencies for over 30 years

Our Advisory Panel

Sue, Elaine and Stephen are helping us transition from a slow growth start-up to a fast growth sustainable businessand will probably become our initial Board Members.

Sue Pelka

Non Executive Director on multiple Boards

A highly experienced Non Executive Director across diverse industries such as superannuation, banking, utilities, education and local government. Sue brings specialist skills in governance, management of HR, and sourcing and outsourcing.

Elaine Saunders

Executive Chairman at Blamey Saunders Hears

Elaine is an experienced Non Executive Director as well as a highly successful entrepreneur winning multiple awards including the ATSE Clunies Ross Medal for Entrepreneur of the Year (2016). She is also an Adjunct Professor at Swinburne University and Chair of its Innovation Precinct Advisory Board.

Stephen Rowe

Director Shanarei Consulting

Over 20 years of C level and senior management experience with global supply chain leadership, strategic risk and commercial disciplines. Stephen brings specialist experience across procurement and property portfolios.

Our Members

These are just a few of our member organisations, from corporates down to small local businesses and sole traders. As you can see, we serve a wide range of businesses and supplier types.

Our Philanthropy

We believe in giving back, so we have signed up to “Pledge 1%” and are setting aside up to 1% of our revenue to donate to worthwhile people and organisations, which may not necessarily be charities.
Our primary focus is supporting other micro businesses through Kiva but we also have a soft spot for bears and elephants. In the future we may give back to the professional community through scholarships to advance professional skills, etc. It is up to our whole team to decide what we do.


Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Learn more about Kiva and click here to view our loan portfolio.

Free the Bears

We first came across “Free the Bears” when we heard how they were saving bears from a lifetime of being locked in a cage not much bigger than they were. These bears are locked up for life, simply to have their bile farmed for traditional medicine. Since then, Free the Bears, has provided support to a wide range of projects across the globe; from the rehabilitation of orphaned bear cubs in the Russian Far East to surveying wild Spectacled bears in Ecuador.

Davis Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Much like Free the Bears, Animals Asia is working to end the suffering of bear bile farming. They are also working on ending the trade in dogs and cats for food.

Animals Asia

Born from one family’s passion for Kenya and its wilderness, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is today the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

Our Values

Hi, my name is Nigel Dalton-Brown and I am the founder of Strytex. I intend to build a long term business that promotes:

  • respect for self as well as others, and so promotes work-life balance
  • in community effort, recognising the contributions made by all members of the team as well as recognising the impact the business has on its wider community
  • and embraces equity and diversity in the belief that the workplace should provide and environment where everyone can be themselves and flourish according to their skills and values.
Whilst our values are at the core of how Strytex is to be managed, our vision, mission and culture will change as Strytex grows and adapts to the ever-changing business environment.

Our values

Our values guide our decision-making and a sense of what’s important and what’s right

Our vision

Our vision statement sets out the aspirations for the company for the next twenty-five years

Our mission

Our mission statement sets out the reason for Strytex’s existence and how we will achieve our vision;

Our culture

Our culture is our collection of business practices and processes that, based on our values, detail how we interact with our stakeholders

Our value commitments

Our value commitments are practical actions that express our values

At its core, Strytex promotes a culture that is respectful, ethical, fair and generous to the wider community where our employees, investors, partners and collaborators believe in ethical business practices and we create benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. We recognise that any company is a group of disparate individuals so Strytex will be an organisation of individuals with an aligned set of values which we shown in our actions, whether we are at work or whether we are at home.

Our vision

To create the business to business Internet

Our Mission

Our mission is to question the status quo and improve business practices for any size of business across any industry.

  • We will create a suite of simple and elegant cloud based applications that provide businesses, both large and small, with the best tools to manage their operations, their supply chains and their markets.
  • build a collaborative online business community where professionals can share their knowledge and expertise.

Our Culture

Our culture is reflected in our business practices and processes which reflect our values.

  • We do not tolerate discrimination against age, gender, race, religion, disabilities etc. We do however reserve the right to discriminate against stupidity, extremism and an unwillingness to engage in rational debate.
  • We do not condone bullying in any form, be it personal bullying or corporate bullying.
  • We hire for values; skills can be learnt.

Our Value Commitments

As the founder, I have bound Strytex to a number of commitments that affect the running of the company. Some of these commitments affect the finances of the company and some affect the operation of the company, however they reflect our core values which is why they are embedded in the company constitution.

  • Strytex sets aside 1% of revenue for worthwhile causes
    • Strytex is a member of a wider community and will be a contributing member of that wider community. We pledge a minimum of 1% of revenue for worthwhile causes.
  • Strytex sets aside 1% of revenue for a commission/bonus scheme that applies to all Full Time and Part Time employees.
    • Whilst the sales team manages the direct relationship with our clients, the success of the business depends on the whole team. At Strytex everybody will benefit from the commission scheme and by linking the total value of the scheme to 1% of revenue, there is a clear link between effort and benefit.
  • Strytex sets aside a minimum of 4 days paid leave per year so Full Time and Part Time employees can carry out volunteer work.
    • In much the same way we donate 1% of revenue, Strytex provides paid time off for staff who wish to contribute to their community through volunteering their time and expertise. This is not a mandatory requirement and is pro-rated for part time employees.
  • No employee in a country is to be paid more than seven times the lowest paid employee in their country.
    • Pay disparity is a major source of resentment. If we need to pay someone in particular country more than seven times the lowest paid value, the pay of the lower paid employees has to be increased.
      • This calculation must include all aspects of the pay package include perks, bonuses etc. but excluding shares.
      • This includes part time employees where their total package is pro rata to an FTE.
      • This excludes contractors.

    • Shares are not to be part of a manager’s or executive’s performance related pay package
        There is no evidence that executive shares drive better performance. Shares may be issued to any staff for other purposes